Saturday, January 9, 2010

i Want To Work For Diddy ? FRAUD.

so if you don't watch :
I Want To Work For Diddy,
its basically like the Apprentice, with Diddy as the main subject.
contestants from all over were brought to the show in NYC
to prove who had the most heart and drive to be Diddy's assistant.
-- Now thats its 2nd season is over,
the winner Ebony Jones has STiLL not been HiREDD.
also keep in mind that we as the world see the shows after the taping is over, which can range from about 3-6 months before its aired.

-She recently did an interview for EBONY MAGAZINE:


Interviewer: Have you been working for Diddy?
Ebony: No.

Interviewer: I talked to Mike and Suzanne at this point last season and they hadn’t started yet either. Are you worried?
Ebony: Yeah! I’m unemployed! I lost my job. I taught algebra and coached basketball and football. They said a teacher is a public servant, and the thing that got me was the profanity. That was a violation against our code of conduct, per our teacher handbook. I didn’t find this out until they fired me, but they did so Friday, October 30, which was a few days before the show came on. They said it was bad PR for the school. So I’ve been unemployed ever since, and they also denied my unemployment. This is the most broke I’ve ever been in my life.

Interviewer: That's terrible.
Ebony: It’s been tough.

Interviewer: Has anything good come from the show at this point?
Ebony: Now I’m not afraid to step out and do what I love. I don’t regret it. No matter how broke I get, I don’t regret it. Nothing huge besides that. People want to pay you a couple hundred dollars to show up at a club. I haven’t gotten a team together yet. I’m hoping to have a job at Bad Boy.

Interviewer: How did they leave it?
Ebony: "Don’t contact us, you'll be contacted."

Really i think Bad Boy should be ashamed of themselves.
this woman has been out of work for a while, and knowing that were in a recession,
its even worse.
AND NOW she can't even go back to her old job because she had to
cuss ppl out on the damnned show! i would super pissed if i was her, i been on this show for probably 3-4 months and i get to the end and win thinking that i have this good, high- paying
job, and turns out, they haven't even hiredd me!
so basically she just lost money, a job, and wasted a good 4 months of her life..
[ ebony also has an 8 yr old little girl}
wow.. she needs to find a lOophole somewhere so ....


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