Saturday, December 5, 2009

New On tha Scene :: LoLa Monroe....


--- sooo.. i don't know much about this chick, just
accept that she used to be a video girll
and now she's tryin to rapp.......
- check out this remix vid she did of "Your A Jerk"..

-- Personally, she sounds like a ripped off Nicki Minaj..

... guess we'll see where this "rap career'' of hers goes.....


  1. She dope. She cn get it. She sounds better than Nikki. Like Nikki's ryhmesz be ok. Dis chick goes in. Imma def be lookin into her ;)


  2. actually Lola's been grinding for a minute with this career. Nicki snatched her sound, only Lola is better and shes tryna take the shit in a different route. The "i dont have to fuck my way to the top. I just grind." Way. lol