Monday, October 19, 2009

.." We Were Once A Fairy Tale" By Kanye West..

This Is Very Interesting...

Its Called "We Were Once A Fairy Tale"..

Kanye Also Has A Book coming Outt...

" Through The Wire". . . .



One Thing I wanna Say..


I think that he's a very very talented artist && person. he's done and been through alot.. and he's been so farr...

but he also has a long way to go./ i do think he needs help, and i want him to be the old Kanye we met on "COLLEGE DROPOUT" who was so humbled and down to earth. ... money and the lifestyle that it comes with changes ppl.. and i realize that.

of course, he'll never be the same, but i do miss the way he was.

i stillll love and admire him.. and ill always be yur number one fan Kanye. =]]


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  2. i love kanye too,
    im glad hes taking time off though.

  3. he needs to take some time off..its for the best. i need to check that full video clip out. i saw a little bit of it and was like "umm okaaaay" lol

  4. im such a kanye fan too! i dont care what others say bout him, he is the baddest! love ya blog. very original. with that said...


    I awarded you with the Honest Scrap award!
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  5. i love kanye too. his creativity is genius!