Sunday, August 23, 2009

i see nothing from afar ;;but im far from nothing..

heyyy blogspot.
for the first i just wanted to express some future goals with you guys...
so fyi;; im a senior in high school...
and my plan for this year is to graduate with honors..
after high school i wanna major in Journalism;;
but im still thinking of a minor.
But the Whole future plan is to graduate from college and intern at a magazine;;
become a music editor at a magazine in ga and then move to NEW YORK CITY by the time im 25.,.
then i wanna work for ViBe Magazine as an editor..
THEN THE OVER- OVERALL GOAL ;; is to be an editor-n-chief..

some day and nite i dream about my future...
even if im going to make it there.
lord willing.. i will.. but who ever knows...
you see and go thru so much in your life sometimes you feel like your never gonna make it there;;
but its this thing called FAiTH. and HOPe.
have faith in the lord and number 1 YURSELF;;
pray and HOPE . that you'll make it to where you wanna be. .
life is hard.
people change. things change. nothing stays the samee.

But u should remember ;;
at the end of the day You can only depend on you./


but we all have to face itt.



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